Message From The President
Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi at the George Washington University! My name is Bri Mirabile and I am the President of the Alpha Pi Chapter. This organization has made me the woman I am today and I am honored to serve as President for the 2018-2019 year.
It always brightens my day to see sisters on campus en route to classes, internships, sporting events, philanthropy events or student organization meetings. We are a chapter full of diverse women and you can find the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi dedicating their time to a wide array of involvements. My sisters never fail to impress me with their exemplary academic performance, commitment to extracurricular activities, and support for one another in their individual endeavors. On top of all that, everyone still manages to find time to have fun! Our sisterhood is truly special, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share with you what it has done for me.
When I joined Alpha Delta Pi in September of my freshman year, I had no idea what I was walking into. I knew I wanted to join a sorority to find a group of friends, but never imagined that ADPi would do so much more for me. The maturity, selflessness, and dedication to one another that I discovered in our sisterhood was more than I ever could have imagined. This chapter has given me role models, mentors, and women I know I can lean on in any situation. It has helped me learn about myself as a friend, sister, and leader. I’m so grateful for all ADPi has given me, and am striving to do the same for the next generation of our sisters.
If you have any further questions about our sisterhood, do not hesitate to contact me at

Alpha Delta Pi prides itself on our high level of sisterhood. As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, you will make lifelong connections, friendships, and share in the special bonds of sisterhood that only the first and finest sorority can provide! As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, your membership exists on three levels – Alpha (new member), Delta (collegiate sister), and Pi (alumnae member). Alpha Delta Pi is more than a sorority – it’s a way of life.

Get Ready for Recruitment 2018
Formal Recruitment 2018: January 18th-23rd, 2019