Alpha Delta Pi prides itself on our high level of sisterhood. As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, you will make lifelong connections, friendships, and share in the special bonds of sisterhood that only the first and finest sorority can provide! As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, your membership exists on three levels – Alpha (new member), Delta (collegiate sister), and Pi (alumnae member). Alpha Delta Pi is more than a sorority – it’s a way of life.

As an Alpha, you will go through the Alpha Membership Education process that is designed to teach you everything you need to know about ADPi! The eight-week Alpha period is a time of learning and adjustment where Alphas get to know fellow Alpha Class members and Delta members. As an Alpha you will learn our creed, history, values and all the opportunities that being in Alpha Delta Pi can bring! Alpha Delta Pi is also unique in that it affords Alphas, non-initiated members, all the rights that initiated members have, such as voting in elections.

Highlights of being an Alpha:
+ Get assigned a Big Diamond Sister who acts as a mentor through initiation
+ Attend Chapter Retreat to get to know all your sisters and learn all about Alpha Delta Pi
+ Meet other new members of GW Greek Life through new member programming just for you!

Deltas are initiated collegiate members of Alpha Delta Pi. As a Delta, you are able to take on higher leadership roles in the sorority, live in our house on townhouse row, and be exposed to more of the rituals that make Alpha Delta Pi “first, finest, forever.” This next level of membership will also help strengthen your sisterhood and build even stronger connections with other members of the sorority.

Highlights of being a Delta:
+ Take an active leadership role in the sorority, making it everything you wanted and more
+ Participate in Diamond Development Programming- fun programs surrounding topics that enrich each member such as self-defense or career development
+ Welcome the Alphas home into Alpha Delta Pi and maintain relationships with Pis who have graduated but are still involved in Alpha Delta Pi

As a Pi, an alumnae member of Alpha Delta Pi, you are able to join the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association and attend a variety of events. Pis are also constantly being invited back to collegiate chapters to participate in workshops, recruitment, and to catch up with many of their current Delta sisters. After graduation, Alpha Delta Pi also offers Pis the ability to become employed as a Leadership Consultant, or to volunteer as an advisor for other Alpha Delta Pi chapters across the country. No matter where life takes you after college, you are sure to find a strong and supportive network of sisterhood!

Highlights of being a Pi:
+ Get involved with the local Alpha Delta Pi Chapter
+ Get involved with sisters in your local Alumnae Association
+ Maintain friendships with sisters from your chapter